June 19 - June 23 : 2022

4 Night One to One Retreat


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Sunday to Thursday
This retreat consists of 4 nights accommodation and 3 days of Breathwork, Reiki and EFT sessions.

Sunday -  check in from 11am on the Sunday.

Monday - Wednesday - As the retreat is all about you we can be flexible with our start time to suit your preference between 9 and 10am. Each day we will have a daily Reiki session and a session of EFT, releasing tension held in the body, reenergising and realigning. Over the course of the 3 days I will teach you a range of Breathwork techniques and lead you through a daily Breathwork sequence ending in a deeply relaxing meditation. Over the 3 days we will develop a tailored practice that suits you so that you can take this away to incorporate as a daily habit.

Thursday - Check out by 11am

2 Person Retreat Available : Select the option above
£1040 = £520 pp

If you would like to come on the retreat as a couple or with a friend I can offer the retreat as a 2 person retreat. Some of the sessions can be done together like the breathwork sessions and introduction to EFT. The reiki and EFT sessions will need to be done independently on a one to one basis so while one client is having the session the other can have some free time to relax.

The reduced price for the 2 person retreat takes this into account and I will extend the hours that I give the sessions over to take this into account. Please note that the second bed for the 2 person retreat is a sofa bed in the studio.