Online Breathwork Course

This 6 week online course is an introduction to breathwork, learning how to use the 3 part diaphragmatic breath, consciously using your lungs to their full capacity. The first week will be all about mastering the 3 part breath and experiencing the deep relaxation that is achieved from utilising and controlling the breath for a period of time.

breathwork course cumbria

The following 5 weeks will build in all the techniques and experience needed to confidently develop a daily practice of breathwork made up of active breathwork, breath holds and relaxing calm breathwork which stimulates a meditative state.

The course comprises of a weekly 1 hour ZOOM session, (recorded and shared for those that can’t make the live session). In this live session I will demonstrate and guide you through the techniques building these skills over the 6 weeks. Each week you will also receive a 20 minute video. This video will have a complete breathwork session using the techniques introduced in the zoom session and you can follow this video every day at a time that suits you. The video will enable you to create the habit of a regular practice and really develop and experience the breathwork techniques that have been introduced each week.

The breath techniques used originate from yoga – Dirga Pranayama, so have been used for thousands of years. Active breathwork stimulates the nervous system and helps to shift energy within the body, it can have a profound energising and clearing effect. The calming relaxing breathwork, in the second half of each session, calms the nervous system, allowing the body and mind to fully relax and slow down, this breath activates the parasympathetic nervous system allowing the body to rest and repair.

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Online Breathwork Course £60

Our next 6 week online course is Januray 2024.

Wednesday evenings 03/01/24 – 07/02/24