Reiki (‘rei’ universal ‘ki’ life energy) is a form of energy healing that originated in Japan. It is a beautiful and deeply relaxing experience which leaves the recipient feeling refreshed and serene. Reiki works to balance the energy centres, or chakras, helping the body to heal and ensuring a feeling of balance and wellbeing in both the body and mind.

During this treatment, your Reiki practitioner / master will place their hands in various positions above the body, with no direct physical contact, and will channel the ‘universal energy’. Reiki can be given either in a seated or lying down position depending on how you feel most comfortable.

There are seven major chakras within the body as well as many energy channels or meridians. Occasionally, our bodies can hold onto energy preventing its free-flow through these meridians or you may find the chakras have become unbalanced. The energy provided during Reiki is channelled directly to where it is required; re-energizing the chakras, releasing any areas of restriction to allow movement through the meridians with ease, and realigning the energy flow throughout the body.

Reiki can help the body to heal. Both chronic and acute pain can be reduced while it can also help with emotional release as we often consciously, or subconsciously, hold onto emotion within our body. Reiki will benefit anyone who receives it – the energy is intuitively directed to where it is most needed to restore balance and wellbeing, and this continues to work beyond the session itself, with people often finding that they experience changes in the days following a treatment.

Most of my Reiki is given in my therapy studio, but I especially love practising Reiki outdoors immersed in nature, listening to the wildlife around, and feeling the sun or a light breeze on the skin and sharing that experience with my client. An option for you to enjoy weather permitting.

Like with many energy healing techniques, the Science is only just starting to catch up with what Reiki Masters have experienced for a long time and excitingly we are starting to see an increasing number of clinical trials demonstrating the healing benefits of these therapies. It is now becoming common place to have a Reiki practitioner in hospices and an increasing number of hospitals in the US using Reiki alongside western medicine, training their nurses in the technique.

As Albert Einstein famously said, ‘future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.’

Note; Reiki is a Complementary Therapy and therefore should never replace medical treatment – always ensure that you see a doctor. Reiki can be used alongside medical treatment.

Reiki session £50
Package of 5 reiki sessions £225