EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a highly effective form of energy work that utilises the same meridians that are used in Acupuncture, using ancient Chinese acupressure points with the language of neuro linguistic programming (NLP).

Meridians are located throughout the body and act as channels through which energy can flow. Gentle tapping at the end of the medians creates vibrations, stimulating the channels and ensuring the energy can flow freely throughout the body.

Emotions are simply energy in motion – a movement of energy within the body. Occasionally, this energy gets held by the body following a significant or traumatic event or simply resulting from a bad habit that we have become accustomed to over time. By focussing in on a personal issue or a specific area for development, we can identify the associated emotion and inwardly reflect. By connecting with the body to locate where the emotion is felt the tapping process can then be used on the meridians to stimulate the release of the energy and emotion with truly transformative effects.

EFT can be used for all sorts of issues * including self-limiting beliefs. It is a soothing technique which allows even traumatic events to be addressed without re-living the event itself. We work with the subconscious mind, trusting what is brought the surface to be released and with a focus on the body and the emotion we work to dissolve and dissipate any blockages allowing the energy to flow freely. During the process, the EFT practitioner will lead the client helping them to connect with the emotion and identify where in the body this is experienced. The client taps on his or her own meridian points by following the practitioner as they guide them through the positions.

The benefits of releasing an associated emotion and allowing the free movement of energy can have wide reaching impacts on a person’s life; by working through just one aspect, multiple improvements may be experienced in seemly unrelated areas.

Once you have worked with EFT, you can use your experience and knowledge of the tapping points to tap through the sequence to help when stressful events arise or if you begin to feel overwhelmed by a strong emotion. Tapping will help to relieve this emotion and keep the energy moving freely. After just a few EFT sessions, you will be able to use this technique on yourself when needed and will begin to recognise when the calming process may be beneficial.

Over 100 studies have demonstrated the efficacy of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) as an evidence-based self-help therapeutic method, and it has been shown to be greatly beneficial in the following areas: anxiety (−40%); depression (−35%); posttraumatic stress disorder (−32%); pain (−57%); cravings (−74%); and happiness (+31%).

The physiological responses showed a reduction in the stress hormone cortisol (−37%) with significant improvements in resting heart rate (−8%) and systolic (−6%) and diastolic (−8%) blood pressure. These gains were shown to be maintained on follow-up, indicating EFT results in positive health effects as well as increased mental well-being. More reading is available here. (Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Improves Multiple Physiological Markers of Health; Journal of evidence based -integrative medicine. 19 February 2019.)

*EFT Can be used for; pain, anxiety, grief, negative thoughts, limiting believes, traumatic events, stress, weight issues, self image, abuse, anger, panic attacks, guilt, depression etc this list just contains a few examples for this versatile technique.

Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix reimprinting is a technique that has evolved from EFT. Using the emotion felt in the body we can identify a key memory and can work with the younger you to release the emotion that was felt in the moment the memory as created. In this very nurturing and gentle technique, you engage in the process from a safe space working with and supporting the younger version of yourself (not as the younger you), this allows you to support the younger you and ensures that trauma is not relived. Matrix reimprinting is an empowering process that releases emotions and has the power to replace limiting beliefs with strong powerful messages that become your new core beliefs. This process is powerful and lifechanging.

EFT session £75
Package of 5 EFT sessions £350