I highly recommend this place for a retreat. Sarah’s energy makes you feel at home immediately. She’s an excellent listener, helps you dig deep to the road of healing. Reiki was fantastic, I truly felt the healing energy flow from her, something I had never fully connected in with before from others.
EFT was new for me and yet in my sessions with Sarah I learnt so much and really benefited from the therapy. In only a few days, her therapy had a huge and positive effect on my overall well-being, which I now take to continue in my daily life. This retreat totally achieved my goal to work on areas I wanted to and left me feeling very relaxed and in-tune. The walks were also a wonderful treat, a beautiful scenic, fresh way to connect with nature. Luckily I also had the pleasure of having some canine loving energy on the walks too.
The accommodation was very cosy, very clean, very quiet and peaceful. The place catered for all one’s needs, and her hospitality made me feel very safe and relaxed.
I was honestly satisfied with all. 5-star rating!!



Had a wonderful, life changing experience.

Had a few things going on with life that Sarah helped me address and work through. She’s also given me tools to take away & use in everyday life.

I have never been to the Lake District & thought it would be a great place to experience a retreat. I also liked the sounds of Reiki healing, EFT & Matrix works. After speaking to Sarah on Zoom, I was sold.

The teacher, retreat content, location & accommodation were all great.

I opened up & gained a better understanding of how I truly feel.

Learned how to be able to cope with future obstacles that I’m experiencing in a calm and peaceful way. I have learnt to ground myself & protect my energy.

I look forward to using what I’ve been taught in everyday life.

Sarah is amazing. She offered a life-changing experience for me.

The Lake District is such a beautiful place to be able to have had this experience.

I would highly recommend this retreat if you are looking for assistance with life’s challenges & would like a relaxing, safe space to be able to do so.


Sarah’s retreat is amazing

What a wonderful 5 days I have had on retreat in the lovely loft space. 3 of those were spent with the incredible Sarah in her lovely meeting room. I had been working too much and felt very run down. I work for myself and find it very hard to switch off. I finally achieved it while on this retreat. Sarahs care and attention to detail was wonderful and I felt very looked after. The time flew and I have certainly become an EFT convert. I am already wanting to book in again. Thank you so much Sarah for being you. xx


Never been on a retreat before and have to say it won’t be my last, it was such a good experience. Arrived on Saturday to get settled in, the accommodation is fantastic has everything you need and more, nice touch having oils, vinegars and all sorts of herbs and spices made cooking a lot easier. Everything was clean and tidy and so peaceful great way to relax at the end of the day.

The retreat was brilliant Sarah goes through everything with you on the first day, explaining what will happen and then it begins. I have to say it’s always welcoming when your guide is as passionate about her topic as Sarah was makes you believe in her more. Reiki is something I am used to but it was so relaxing listening to the birds. Breathwork I thought I knew but I learnt so many more techniques like bee breath and crows beak loved it all and use that in my meditations. EFT was very new to me and have to say it is like self counselling, you learn so much about yourself and helps gets old traumas of the past dealt with properly and tidied away. I will be doing more EFT with Sarah going forward as after the retreat I trust her with opening up to things from my past.

The walks in the afternoon are beautiful seeing the lakes and not ones I have seen before was a good way to ground. We were very lucky on the weather as well and I take my hat off to Sarah driving down those country lanes.

Overall I would suggest to anyone dealing with anxiety, depression or wanting to deal with old issues from their past to try this. It lifts a weight off your shoulders and helps to get you back on track. You will go through many emotions but Sarah is there to guide you through the experience and makes sure you are ok at every step. Thank you again for a fantastic life changing week will be booking in with you again soon.Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.


I was a newbie to Reiki, Sarah made me feel at ease and relaxed. I had 3 sessions with Sarah and each session revealed something. After a difficult personal period, these sessions of Reiki enabled me to explore my thoughts and feelings. Empower me to let go and clear my thought. Although sceptical beforehand I would now not hesitate to have reiki in my life to help me through difficult periods. Sarah’s confidence and enthusiasm about Reiki sets you at ease.



Having completed a series of Reiki sessions with Sarah, I can highly recommend the experience for anyone seeking a restorative, mindful and relaxing therapy in a beautifully peaceful setting.  Sarah provides a comprehensive and thoughtful Reiki practice, developing an excellent connection with and understanding of the client, the subject and any targeted healing that may be needed.  Personally, as a newcomer to the field, I have been amazed by the clear power of Reiki and insightful feedback discussions and have very much benefited from the rebalancing of energy and opportunity to take time out.  Thank you Sarah.



I’ve had the honour of training with Sarah in Reiki and EFT, and later we shared ‘buddying sessions’ and used each other for case studies for our qualification.
Sarah has held space for me beautifully and enabled me to work through a lot of childhood issues, gently, with trust in her ability to guide me through the process of healing. Sarah is a beautiful, compassionate EFT and Reiki practitioner and I am very grateful that our paths crossed when they did. Thank you Sarah, with all my heart xx



It’s going to be difficult to put into words just how profound of an impact Sarah’s retreat has had on me, but I’ll try my best! It’s been 3 weeks now since I attended Sarah’s retreat, and although I’m back into the somewhat monotonous world of ordinary life, underneath I am still floating on clouds.

I had such a good gut feeling about Sarah’s retreat when I first came across it, and I was not wrong! Because of the work we did together (and we covered ALOT!) I now have a new found sense of inner peace and trust, which has had such a positive knock on effect on how I perceive the world, interact with people, and how I manage big and small stressors, which I find simply don’t bother me now. I feel like a more self-assured, strong and optimistic person because of Sarah, and I never thought I would feel this way! I truly feel like I have a much more positive outlook on life now which is an incredible feeling.

Sarah is obviously very talented at what she does and was clearly born to heal people! I instantly felt I could open up and be myself around Sarah, and aside from her genuine, caring and humorous nature, the retreat is set in a beautifully idyllic part of the Lake District, and the accommodation itself is the perfect home away from home.

I feel like I need to make the retreat a yearly thing, because it was such an amazing way to recharge, reset and transform at the beginning  of 2023. Don’t hesitate if you’re thinking about booking, trust me. Thanks once again Sarah! 



I recommend this retreat 100%.

I had quite a lot going on in my life. All I have to say about my experience is that it was life-changing.

Sarah introduced me to EFT tapping & matrix and it just blew my mind. It really works!!

The sessions of reiki, breathwork, EFT, and the beautiful walks in the mesmerizing nature all around completely shifted my perspective.

I now have a new perception of the world, feel more connected, and regained trust in myself.

All the pain, hurt, and negative thought patterns I had for so long, vanished almost instantly after the first session just like magic.

Sarah is a wonderful person who really connects with you and genuinely cares and helps you to find peace and clarity.
Thank you Sarah xx


Sarah’s retreat is amazing

I was feeling down and not wanting to get out of bed and carrying a lot of pressure.

Sarah was amazing! I would recommend this to anyone.

Sarah really helped me I can’t thank her enough.

After researching a lot I read Sarah was right for me and would be for everyone. She is so understanding and puts you to ease right away.

I didn’t know what to expect but it was amazing!

After spending time with Sarah I felt back into myself.

I had my energy back and motivation and could face my day-to-day task she really know how to work with people and understand them.

A big thanks to Sarah!

I would recommend Sarah retreat for anyone even if you just have no energy or feeling down or sad anything, she is amazing!


Fantastic experience – really is life changing!

Depression and anxiety so needed to tackle these problems. First time trying a retreat to address these issues.

I chose this retreat as the location was close by, reiki is something I really enjoy along with breath work.

EFT was something new I hadn’t tried so was willing to see how it worked.

My mood has lifted taking away the depression, it’s allowed me to focus more and see the big picture.

EFT was amazing it’s like self counselling it made me realise that I was the cause of some of my issues and helped me address them and move forward.

If you have never been on a retreat give it a go, I have found it so beneficial.

EFT is amazing and my teacher was so informative and went through each step, Sarah was fantastic couldn’t recommend her enough. She is understanding and patient and listens to you, best experience I have had in a long time and it accomplished in 3 days what I have been through with months of counseling.


A combination of stressors from chronic ill health, being burnt out at work and challenges of past trauma and bringing up a child with learning difficulties led me to seek out this retreat.

I needed some time and help to decompress and express some of my thoughts and troubles to a skilled listener and therapist. I also wanted to spend some time alone, climb some hills and be in a beautiful area. This was perfect.

I was able to address a couple of deep seated traumatic events, relax with breath work and reiki, and enjoy the beauty of the Lake District.
Sarah is a great listener, enthusiastic and capable teacher and fun to spend time with.
I left feeling both lighter and more grounded.
Thank youYour content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.


Sarah is an amazing and truly professional practitioner of EFT. Whilst I was slightly nervous of what to expect at first, Sarah made me feel completely at ease, was a superb listener and throughout the session continually provided me with updates of what to expect next. EFT has given me the tools to overcome anxiety myself and I know I will continue to use the EFT technique in differing situations in the future. Thank you Sarah for giving me the tools to help myself!!! I cannot thank you enough.



I just want to start by thanking Sarah so much. I have been for 2 sessions so far -my first was Reiki focused with some guided breath technique. All I can say is wow the Reiki was so effective and relaxing. As someone with sciatica and IBS I really felt ready for some me time and oh my goodness. Her studio is so calm and soothing, Sarah is just amazing and so informative and intuitive, I felt so comfortable. I have honestly felt such a huge difference since – I have had no flare ups of sciatica or IBS and my sleep has improved dramatically. I came away with so many useful tips for day to day self care. My second visit we focused on EFT based on my throat chakra needing some help and balancing, our session was so personalised and hugely beneficial, it really helped me to process and let go, something I haven’t been able to do in a long time. I have since felt a vast improvement and have continued to practice everything advised. I am so truly pleased that I went with Sarah she is so thoughtful and thorough. Thank you so much K



My journey from the burden of a stressful occupation in a gray city to this gem of a retreat tucked away within the vast green undulating beauty of the Lake District.

On arrival, I was warmly greeted by my wonderful host Sara to the cozy studio apartment that was adequately equipped to prep & cook meals however I chose to use the opportunity to intermittently fast, & brought only my pre-prepared homemade soup to nourish & revive as necessary which worked out perfectly.

Sara was a joy to engage with & learn from, being an active & intuitive listener who tailored her therapeutic skills to guide, process & restore my depleted energy & focus. The EFT tapping technique, the breathwork focus sessions, & the Reiki experience I would articulate as re-introducing the body to the soul & working within the body’s own energy fields to bring restoration and balance from within in addition to the notable physiological health benefits.

In addition to this, were daily walks around the cinematically picturesque and peaceful lakes which were less than 10 minutes drive away & an opportunity to explore the beauty of our surroundings which I imagine to be an enhanced experience in the longer & warmer days with an opportunity to swim.

We live in such a disconnected world where we are led to seek external remedies for internal problems. Sara’s knowledge & guidance left me thinking it’s good to be reminded to be kind to oneself & of the power within each & every one of us.
I left that wonderful place feeling reconnected rebalanced & worthy. I have already utilized an “emotional protection technique” to great effect. The saying “The gift that keeps on giving” is an apt analogy of my experience with Sara.
I now feel more grounded & at peace wherever I am when I use the techniques to bring my body & mind back to a state of balance, a condition that I wish only to share.  Thank you so much. 

I found Sarah and her 1:1 retreat at the Lakes in time of great emotional need. I was looking for some quiet time, away from normality, to focus on my needs to reframe and rebalance. I was hoping to receive some coaching and I hoped that together we may find a way to some healing for me. I expected some reiki, EFT tapping, talking and maybe some advice from different perspective.
I found all of this, and so much more. The few days with Sarah changed me – I can say it – today is exactly two months since my main healing session and the benefit of it is strong and unwavering, not diminished at all by passing (and challenging) time. We really changed something in my limiting beliefs forever – I have no doubt about it. With Sarah’s help I found the source of it, and worked with it until it was changed into a positive memory.
Sarah is a very warm and easy to trust person, and I felt completely safe and reassured under her skilful guidance. Sarah was very sensitive to my needs and exceptionally accommodating and caring. The timetable for the day was flexible to follow my needs.
The loft studio I stayed in had everything I needed, was clean and welcoming.
I cannot thank Sarah enough for the love and care she surrounded me with. Additional thank you to the dogs that were allowed to join me on this journey at my request.
If you are reading this review, considering whether it is worth it – I can say, from my experience – ABSOLUTLEY.
I recommend this retreat wholeheartedly.


I experienced a retreat here towards the end of January this year (2023).

The word I would use to sum it up is ‘exceptional’, with Sarah’s therapeutic skills apparent throughout, from the warm welcome to the
the comfort of the accommodation, to the balance of the program, to her enthusiasm for and commitment to the therapeutic practices she specializes in.

My experience was very much in the category of “right time, right person, right place” so I left feeling rested and renewed in body and spirit. I also came away with a set of useful practices which seemed to be manageable and helpful for when I returned home and this has proved to be the case.

The benefits of any therapeutic encounter rest on so many different components; Sarah’s intuitive and flexible approach to developing the retreat over the course of the 4 days, focused on the needs of guests (of course within the perimeters of the practices she offers!) provides a pretty good means of fitting them together. “Made to measure”, in the best possible way!

Other things I appreciated:
* Sarah’s knowledge, skills, and warmth offered in, for me, a safe place.
* Having a few days of comfortable accommodation to just ‘be’ in.
* The setting: the Lake District has its own magic!
* Walks being part of the schedule if wanted.
* Two dogs to meet by request.


I would previously have described myself as a reiki sceptic, but Sarah’s reiki sessions transformed my physical health and my opinion! I have anxiety and have been struggling with tension and stress in my shoulders and neck. After my first session with Sarah I was able to look over my shoulder, something I’d not done for a long while, and I felt energised. The sessions themselves were enjoyable and relaxing. Despite feeling nervous I was made to feel very comfortable and at ease. Sarah is warm and calm, and very knowledgeable. I’m looking forward to more sessions!



I would really recommend Lake District Wellbeing Breaks, I had an afternoon with Sarah doing EFT and Reiki, I had been feeling very low and not very happy with life, Sarah put me at ease, and she was so professional and very easy to unwind and confide in.  The EFT was great and after my session I felt like a weight had been lifted. The reiki was also very good and relaxing. I can honestly say I walked out of the therapy room feeling like a totally different person, some weeks after I’m still feeling the benefits. If you’re thinking of doing it, don’t think about it just do it, you will be glad you did. Thank You Sarah.



I had EFT with Sarah and I admit I was initially sceptical as it took me out of my comfort zone but Sarah put me completely at ease. She really helped me face a lot of residual trauma and now I feel a huge sense of relief and peace because of my session with her. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing help with any issues they are struggling with.