Moon Manifestation Retreats

Use a range of techniques to release any limiting beliefs that are holding you back, realign and balance your energy body and harness the power of the moon to manifest your desires.

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2024 Moon

Manifestation Retreats

May 7th-9th (NEW MOON)

May 23rd-25th (FULL MOON)

June 6-8th (NEW MOON)

June 20th-22nd

(solstice energy FULL MOON)

July 4th-6th (NEW MOON)

September 19th – 21st

(Lunar eclipse energy FULL MOON)

October 3 – 5th

(Solar eclipse energy NEW MOON)

17th – 19th October (FULL MOON)

29th-2nd November (NEW MOON)

14th – 16th November (FULL MOON)


Moon Manifestation Retreats


The one to one moon manifestation retreat is a poweful retreat that works with your own energy body to bring you into alignment and harnessses the energy of the moon to manifest what you wish to bring into your life.

Often we are held back in our lives by limiting beliefs, events from our past are held within us energetically and influence how we show up in the world today. Most of our beliefs about the word are formed before we are 8 years old – thats nuts and is definately not reliable and probably doesn’t resonate with your current thoughts and how you wish to be now in 2024!

Using EFT and matrix reimprinting we identify these energtic blocks within you and we release the energy rewriting the belief and freeing you to be who you want to be. We use reiki to balance and realign your chakras and bring your body into a state of wellbeing and strength.

Utilising the power of ritual and fire to release the things that are holding you back, we burn away the barriers and old habits enabling you to move forward. We use the flame of a candle to set your intentions and manifest your desires and next steps in life, leaving these with the moon to manifest and universe to align.

One of the biggest blocks that people face when manifesting is that the dreams and wishes that they have don’t align with their inner energy and current frequency, by working with your energy body in a focused way we can remove these energetic barriers – freeing the way to allow beautiful things to enter your life.

Following our intention setting using the power of the moon we work with the crystal bowls to amplify your intentions and fully integrate these powerful new beliefs into every cell of your body. Quartz crystal is an extremely powerful tool for amplifying energy and the sound bath uses a  range of different frequencies ensuring that these intentions are fully embodied within you at a cellular – energtic level – matching the frequncey of each cell with your desired future.

The retreat comprises of 2 nights self catered accomodation in a beautifully converted loft of an old cumbrian barn. Arriving between 1pm and 2pm we will start our work in the afternoon (2pm-4pm) by identifying what needs to be to be released and what you would like to manifest, we will balance your chakras (energy centres) using a reiki session. We will come back together between 7pm – 9pm working under the moon (new moon or full moon) harnessing the energy of the moon we will use fire ritual to release and candle flame to set intention. If you would like I leave you to harness the energy of water as you bathe in a hot bath under the stars (and moon on a full moon) as your intention candle burns down and releases all your desires to the universe.

The next day between 9am – 4pm we will use EFT & Matrix reimpriniting to release any energy held in your system that is holding you back and acting as an energetic barrier to you moving forward with your desires. We will use breathwork and crystal bowl sound healing to enhance and embody your new intentions really feeling into the energy and allowing it to move throughout the body.

Following this retreat you will have a clear idea on how you can move forward in your life to work with the phases of the moon. The moon is a perfect step by step framework. You will have the tools to feel into yourself, indentify any energetic blocks – remove them using tapping and the breath then move forward, releasing with fire and setting intentions with candle ritual to bring your desires into reality. I have embodied this path with the moon for the last 2 years and it has transformed my life. I am excited to share this with others on this intimate and bespoke one to one retreat – the power of this work is immense and it is a gift that keeps giving month on month…….. this is worth the investment in your self and your future!