5 Awakenings

The 5 Awakenings is a technique that uses drawing and colour to work with a situation or past event that is causing distress / upset. The technique releases the associated emotions and works with our energy centres (chakras) to bring them back into a balanced state.

Reiki Cumbria

The process is made up of 3 parts;

  1. Creating a drawing to represent the situation.
  2. Colouring the chakra bands on a body outline – the energy and focus on the specific colours and the associated body zones transforms emotional upset. Blue – releasing fear and distress. Bronze – activating inner strength. Lilac – change and moving forward. Magenta – wholeness, endings, and new beginnings. Platinum – protection, empowerment, and ability.
  3. Erasing the original drawing and reflection.

Each colour used has its own wavelength, the focus on this wavelength and the area of our body allows us to activate our chakras, stimulating an energetic response and creating a shift that enables recovery. 5 Awakenings therapy can be used to facilitate recovery from the distressing effects caused by trauma, stress, phobias, abuse or bullying.

5 Awakenings can be carried out in person or via zoom but you would need to purchase the coloured pencils and print the worksheets in advance.

5 Awakenings session £40